I promise, this won’t be about politics, crappy attitudes, money, or anything remotely dealing with “real” life.


It’s all about the hook, baby!


Ok, truly, my frustration is with the Slice of Life Challenge.


Hee hee, again, all about the hook. I got my first blog in fairly early. I love doing that because if that happens, it sets up being productive for the rest of the day. Yesterday, not so much, I think it was 11:45 EST when I got my blog and comments done. Good grief. Not so productive.

I am a WordPress dude, so I enjoy the “reader” function they offer, allowing me to have a look at all those people I follow. I’ve picked up so outstanding, funny, generally genius writers from the Challenge and when they post, I might get an email notification, but normally, I see them in my reader.

When the Challenge rolls around, I head over to the Slice of Life Headquarters at Two Writing Teachers. Yesterday, I find that there are 300+ posts. 300?? Seriously?? How am I going to know who to read? What to read? How to I find those new follows?


Hush. However, there is something to be said about a title. A good title brings the readers in, there is no doubt. Something snarky? Something witty? Something downright stupid? Each will pique my interest and likely get my click. I look back through my blog posts and I laugh, cringe, and just wonder “what in the hell was I thinking” about some of the titles. However dorky they seem, they bring in readers, which I guess is the main thing.

When I say frustration, it is in jest. I love reading all the slices, seeing the experiences of those who are in worlds so much different than I am. Urban setting, different countries, different situations, they all draw in this middle-aged, balding, white guy who feels his relevance slipping away. Blogs in the Slice of Life give me hope in the human experience, that there are places out there, people out there, who believe in the goodness of the human heart, who believe that in the random acts of kindness, who simply believe in those around them.

So, write away, my friends, share your slices. I can’t say I’ll get to all of them, but know you are seen, heard, and that your voice is pushed out into the world.

AND now, my blogging question: How do you get to all the Slices? Do you only read/comment on a few? Only those you know? I’m curious how you manage the volume of writing that we do?

Have yourself a spectacular day and remember your words matter. Your blog could be that one that sparks another slice, another great idea, another conversation. Be confident. Be passionate. When you click that publish button, rejoice on a job well done. As we travel this month together, if I can follow my own advice here, damn, it’s going to be amazing!

And most of all, don’t be too frustrated! ๐Ÿ˜‰