Most days, I try to have some sort of positive message on my social media to start the day, just something to remind myself and others that we matter, our voice matters, and that we have the power to be better.

Today’s message on Facebook: Be a good human.

Today’s message on Twitter: Hey! Step and knock today out of the park. If that’s not possible, just be a good human. Either way, you are doing great. โค๏ธ

Today’s blog started going down that road of snark, sarcasm, and political bullsh*t. Last night, I missed the State of the Union, our president’s time to speak directly to the American people about the state of our country. I cannot talk about the speech, but the “reply” from our own Iowa governor was, well, sad.


I was going to write about it, but instead, made that conscious choice away from looking at the negative (today’s been a meh day already). We deal with disrespect, anger, depression, and a slew of other things in school every single day. Why add to it?

So, I’m trying to be a good human today. I’m trying as 7th graders feel like they don’t have to sit in the seats they are assigned or do the work that is assigned. I’m trying as 6th graders feel like they can argue about everything, whether assignments, videos, or the reading we do. I’m trying as I deal with behaviors that two years ago would NEVER have shown up our classrooms.

I’m trying to knock in out of the park. I really am. I was never a baseball player, so the chances of that happening are slim to none.

But, I’m trying to be a better human.

And what about you? Did you knock it out of the park? Or did you just manage to be a good human?

We do what we can, we regroup, and we come back to try do better.

It’s what we do.