The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

Working hard to make sense of it all



Day 30 – Opportunities Missed – #SOLC22

Well, I'll get mine in early tonight because it might be my last one for a while. #uhoh It's been a while since I missed a Slice of Life deadline, and I was in midst of writing when I discovered... Continue Reading →

Day 28 – When is it Enough? – #SOLC22

So, I did not watch the Academy Awards last night. #whatwereyouthinking Oh, I know what I was thinking: Watching rich people pat each other on the back was not something I wanted to spend my time doing on a Sunday... Continue Reading →

Day 27 – How We Roll – #SOLC22

Tonight, this is how we roll. Running around all day, finding a nice, warm, safe place together. Never getting all cozy together, but never too far apart! Good night, world! ❤️ Opal (lighter cat) and Mozzie

Day 25 – Sweet Saturdays – #SOLC22

Today's one of those Saturdays we needed. We got up and went to our exercise place and got in 30 minutes of swimming. This is becoming my happy place, just moving. I've never been a fast runner or a good... Continue Reading →

Day 25 – The Madness – #SOLC22

I love March Madness as any basketball coach should. #youlovewhatyoulove I agree. I'm sitting here with a turtle whiskey (goodness, SO good) and a blueberry lager (don't judge), watching St. Peter's beat Purdue thinking to myself, this is what the... Continue Reading →

Day 24 – Evaluations – #SOLC22

*dramatic music plays in the background* #uhoh Stop it. In our handbook, we have formal evaluations every three year. It's always a stressful time having your administrator come in, listen to a lesson, then sit down with them later and... Continue Reading →

Day 21 – Just Be Polite #SOLC22

Note: A slice from the lockdown portion of the pandemic with some flavor added to it. Part One: 2020 Today, we worked a full shift today at our local food pantry and each time I'm in, I learn a lesson.... Continue Reading →

Day 20 – One Shot- #SOLC22

One shot. Win or go home. That's what today's game came down to. One shot. It was a shot she'd made hundreds of times in practice, in that alone time in the gym when no one was there, during the... Continue Reading →

Day 19 – Notice The Small Things – #SOLC22

The last few days, I've focused myself and my slices on the little things around me. Sometimes, I get carried away, looking for "that moment" in the day, the week to share out. However, that gets tiring. #whimp Shhh. The... Continue Reading →

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