The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

Working hard to make sense of it all



Being a Learner #SOL22

Holy crap, what have I gotten myself into? #uhoh I can't say no. I should be able to. I'm 51 freaking years old. But I can't. I was asked to teach another technology class, a sixth-grade one, to go with... Continue Reading →

Two Days #SOL22

This past weekend, we took our camper our for the first time. It's May and we are doing this for the first time! It been cold and rainy and windy for weeks, but this past weekend, we had plans! #what... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Understanding #SOL22

Lately, I've had a bunch of "you are getting old" moments. Whether they are the snapping, crackling, popping of my body when I get up in the morning or kids asking me about "Yung Gravy" (good rapper, totally inappropriate for... Continue Reading →

Day 28 – When is it Enough? – #SOLC22

So, I did not watch the Academy Awards last night. #whatwereyouthinking Oh, I know what I was thinking: Watching rich people pat each other on the back was not something I wanted to spend my time doing on a Sunday... Continue Reading →

Day 24 – Evaluations – #SOLC22

*dramatic music plays in the background* #uhoh Stop it. In our handbook, we have formal evaluations every three year. It's always a stressful time having your administrator come in, listen to a lesson, then sit down with them later and... Continue Reading →

Day 22 – Adventures – #SOLC22

On Day 13, we bought ourselves a camper. #yipee I know, right! Well, today was the day we brought the camper home. Today was a rainy, gray, and kind of gross day. A perfect day to pick up something that... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Flashbacks and Following Directions – #SOLC22

As I wrote on Saturday, we drove through a thunderstorm and avoided a much stronger storm that was producing tornadoes. #yikes Today, we had a snow day. And out of the blue. No school. #WHAT Welcome to Iowa. However, a... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – A Blogging Frustration and Question #SOLC22

#whyareyoustartinglikethis I promise, this won't be about politics, crappy attitudes, money, or anything remotely dealing with "real" life. #sowhy It's all about the hook, baby! #ugh Ok, truly, my frustration is with the Slice of Life Challenge. #WHAT Hee hee,... Continue Reading →

Day 1 – I am…… – #SOLC22

Welp, here we are, Day 1! #woot I don't want it to seem like I'm not excited, because I am. Old "friends" pop up out of the woodwork, I get to see some outstanding writing, and I get to play... Continue Reading →

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