The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

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February 2022

Monday Muddlings: The Night Before The Challenge #SOL22

It's the night before our Slice of LIfe Challenge begins. And I am NOT ready at all. In the past, I've got ideas, notebooks, blogs already written. I'm Johnny On The Freaking Spot. This year, not so much. #why And,... Continue Reading →

Friday Thoughts: I Love Writing

I love writing. #riiiiight Seriously. It's taken a while (800+ blog posts and counting), but this is an activity that I enjoy. It's funny, I love struggle. The struggle to find the right word, the right phrase, heck, to find... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wanderings: Basketball Teams

Today I'm going to rank all 27+ basketball teams I've coached during my years as a teacher/coach. #WHAT Ok, maybe not. That's a lot of teams and I know I've forgotten some teams or players on those teams, which wouldn't... Continue Reading →

What Brings You Joy? #SOL22

What brings me joy? #notsure That's the question of the day. I've struggled with this for a while because, if you read my last blog (psst, go read it, it's fine), you know that it has been a tough year.... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real #SOL22

This year has been a struggle. Between legislators who claim we have a "sinister agenda" to other legislators lining up for a photo with students, promoting an ultra-conservative group in high schools to bills about jailing teachers, we Iowans aren't... Continue Reading →

One Tab – A Blessing and Curse #SOL22

I have an enormous amount of bookmarks on my computer. I've taught fifth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade in my time here and multiple subject areas at that. I've got things in many categories, but there's just so much stuff!... Continue Reading →

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