Last Saturday, we made the trip to Red Lobster and Sam’s Club (think Costco-style warehouse). My wife had been editing some curriculum for hours and was starting to break down. We’d planned on doing this, but she got wrapped up in her work, so finally I said, “We are going,” and after a quick shower (I’d been digging potatoes), we jumped into the vehicle, and away we went.

Red Lobster never disappoints. I know it’s “fast food” seafood, but living in Iowa, you take it where you can get it. We’ll never have a true seafood experience so why not? Besides, I could sit down and eat the biscuits until they roll me out.



We didn’t have a huge list for Sam’s Club, a couple of things for school, protein shakes, Diet Coke, blueberries, and wine, so it wasn’t a big run, just a run to out of dodge (and to get my wife away from her computer).


As we went in, there were two younger men there, trying to see AT&T cell service to unsuspecting people. They made eye contact with us (the first no-no of avoiding them) and before I knew it, they had my wife roped into a conversation about cell phones. Now, our cell phone service is garbage. We have US Cellular, and they basically hold a monopoly in Northeast Iowa because of the hills and valleys in our area.


I agree! So, they start with the pitch, telling us all about how good their service is, how much money they can save us. We nod and smile and say, “It won’t work.” But are they deterred? Heck no! They ask about our phones, they ask where we live, and pull out their coverage map. As they come into our area, covered in dead zone orange, we point at the hole in coverage and say “right there.” But did this stop them? Nope. They keep telling us about how good the service is until my wife said, rather bluntly, “But your phones don’t work here, and unless you are building a new tower, that won’t’ change.” One of the guys figured it out and started pouting because there was no sale to be had.


So after that debacle, we get a call from our daughter about the quote US Cellular had given her. They are offering new phones IF you are willing to sign a three-year contract. Our daughter asked if she got the phone (a little more money than she wanted) could she simply pay for the phone outright? Nope, you are locked in for three years.


My wife and I have older phones as well, and the idea of phone shopping makes my stomach turn. Another sign of my impending age, I just feel like the technology is just passing me by (many of these moments lately). My earphone jack is all but gone. I do have wireless earphones but love my wired-in set too.

As I write this, I get “get off my lawn” vibes, but I’m to the point, I’m not a big fan of change. Not. At. All.

So, do you like searching for phones? Do you use an old phone right now? What are you thoughts?

Thanks for reading and don’t worry, I’ll call you! 🙂