it’s been a long day, I’m writing my Slice late, and tomorrow is our first day of school


So, my brain is pretty well shot dealing with professional development, a Zoom meeting, then trying to keep focused long enough to get things done at school, my blogging brain just can’t tonight.

So, 5 Random Thoughts from some fat dude in Iowa.


Hush. Here we go:

  1. Our schools are feeling the funding pinch, so vouchers would be a terrible idea. Plus, if private schools are being held to the same outcomes as public, why are we even doing this voucher program? Oh wait, do Republicans like vouchers? Just sure do! Hmm, I wonder why??
  2. My lawn was mowed twice in the last week and could be mowed again. Rain, sun, and good temperatures are helping that out. However, my tomato crop has been sub-par at best.
  3. I’m rewatching an animated Star Wars show, “The Clone War” (which is incredible. It’s amazing that a “kids’ show” can have so many relevant pieces to it. This was produced many years ago and is holding to stay relevant is on display in many episodes! I highly recommend this series to kids AND adults!
  4. I wish I had a stuffed Appa for my classroom.
  5. My food intake has been trash since teachers started back at school. My exercise routine has been garbage as well and my body is paying the price. I was within six pounds of my goal. We’ll get back at it, but it’s been tough.

I hope to come back with something better this week, but sometimes, you just look at the screen, listen to your body, and this is what comes out.

Happy First Days of School to all those involved in positive public education! ❤