I’m not even sure why I started writing this a couple of days ago and am continuing today.

I need to code. I’m teaching a Python class and my knowledge of the language is not where it should be right now.

I need to check my emails. My students are getting the computer and starting to figure out how to email properly. They need responses AND someone to tell them for the 43rd time that the body of their email does not belong in the title!


I need to do laundry.

Heck, I need to get to bed sooner in the evening. I sat down to do something, and suddenly it was 10:00 PM!

But here I am, writing.


Because why not?


Fine. I just need an outlet. School is interesting. Three coding classes, three sixth-grade sections, and something else (I’m not sure what right now) populate my schedule. That’s a lot of kids through my room each day. Everyone has a schedule like this, so I have very little to complain about, and I’m teaching technology, but damn, I feel old right now. I’m trying to get things done more during the school day because when I leave, I am physically exhausted. And to top things off, yesterday, I knelt down to talk with a student and my knee swelled up! So much for running, biking, or too much physical effort for the next couple of days! It sucks because when I am able to do something physical throughout the day, I sleep better, so my sleep schedule has been off too! Ugh!


You aren’t wrong there. 🙂

My wife is teaching in a new position, so there’s a big old learning curve going on here. She’s spent five years in a building that was almost a mile away from the rest of campus, so she’s gotten used to having to do things on her own. Now she has a team and that’s new for her! Her drive has been cut in half, and she’s gotten a bump in pay (plus isn’t buying as much gas, another bump), but she’s the “new teacher” with stressors going on.

But mostly, I just want to clear my head. Writing offers me that way to get myself right with the world. The emotions of the month/week/day/hour can be put on the screen, and I can decide whether the world needs that out there or not. I’ve got a draft folder with 49 different things I’ve written. Some of it needs to be published, but some of it will sit there, languishing because that’s where it needs to be.

So, I write.

It’s cleansing.

It keeps me sane because I can get this sh*t out of my head.

Yes, it gets a bit much some days, but damn, I love to get words down.

It rambles, ebbs and flows, and winds around from here to there. Many times when I read those words, I think, “Why in all that is holy would anyone read this?” And yet, people do. So if you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking the journey with me.

And let me know, if you write, why do you do it? What keeps you writing? Who do you write for? Heck, link your blog up (if you have one) as I love to read new content.

Now, go make it a great weekend. I plan on it! 🙂