Well, I’ll get mine in early tonight because it might be my last one for a while.


It’s been a while since I missed a Slice of Life deadline, and I was in midst of writing when I discovered the Iowa House of Representative stuff that went on. I quickly switched directions, madder than a hornet (still mad because it’s been 5 whole minutes since I posted last), and banged out an emotional post about the idiocy of it all.

I got distracted by my wife talking to me, by trying to find details, and by the time I clicked post, it was 11:00 PM Central Standard Time, or Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

I missed my posting deadline.


It’s been literally 2018 since I missed an 11:59 deadline. That one, I missed several days because we were in Washington DC with our band and choir group, so blogging was on my phone at weird times of the day and night! Those were tough blogs to get off on a phone much smaller than the one I own right now. Tonight, no excuses, I screwed up.


Drat is right. The perfectionist in me is kicking myself for doing this, not that I’m going to win any grand prizes or suddenly be named “Blogger of the Year” (though that would be pretty cool).

No, I’m kicking myself because I’m acting like 60% of my students right now, not getting work done until the last minute, then looking at the screen like it’s the computer’s fault that I’m not done. I mean, the computer is only as smart as the user, right? And if the user is waiting until the last minute, who is to blame?


Yes, me. Ugh. I know some of you haven’t missed a day, period, in the whole run of this thing (which by the way, is so impressive to the perfectionist, and annoying as h*ll at the same time!). I’ve just not found that rhythm in my writing that I talk to my students about when they write. The ideas haven’t been easy, the words haven’t been easy, and I feel like my own quality hasn’t been the greatest either.


Yes, I’m having an epic pity party. Sue me. However, tomorrow, I’ll get up, and may write again, just to write. The whiskey may wait until the 31st, or another Tuesday when ideas are hard to come by.

For now, those of you who are going to make it all 31 days, congratulations. For me, ugh.


No, but I can do better.

I need to do better.

I will do better.