I’d planned on writing about whiskey (maybe tomorrow), but just a little bit ago, our Iowa House of Representatives passed HF 2577, a school transparency bill so that “parents have a voice” in the education of their child.


When HAVEN’T they had that voice?

When have parents been told they can’t see the curriculum?

When have they not had access to the books in the library?

When has this ever NOT been accessible?

I’m tired of this nonsense. It makes me and other teachers wonder, is this truly worth it? Does what we do even matter?

Now, I’ll get some sleep and feel a little better tomorrow, but my goodness. Tomorrow, it sounds like the voucher bill here in Iowa will be debated. If vouchers get passed, well, the morale of Iowa teachers will be at an all-time low.

But by gosh, parents will be able to access the books in the library and see what I’m doing months in advance. Not that the website it will be posted to will get more than 5 views in a year, but our Republican majority can throw some more red meat to their base claiming, “See, look what we did.”


Throw in a “CRT” and an “indoctrination” and maybe a “radical” and everyone is frothing at the mouth.

It’s sad really. When I went to school, Iowa was a purple state with an educational system that was the envy of the country. Now, not so much. And I don’t see any way out.

And on that note, we’ll end this depressing slice with this: if you live in a place that values education, be thankful. Thank those around you for supporting public education, for standing up for educating all children, and for being there for all students.

Here in Iowa, based on the last few years of legislative action, we do not hold those values anymore.