On Day 13, we bought ourselves a camper.


I know, right! Well, today was the day we brought the camper home. Today was a rainy, gray, and kind of gross day. A perfect day to pick up something that says, take an adventure!

We’ve been talking for days about this camper. We wrote out the check last week, but didn’t bring it home because the weather was crappy (snow and ice still on the roads), we said we’d be back this week to pick it up. Well, Sunday, it was 70 and gorgeous. However, we were watching basketball, which was all good. Even yesterday was a pretty nice day! Today, not so much. It’s cold and rainy and generally yucky.

So today, we drove out to get it. Now, when I say drive out, it’s four miles of gravel. The roads are mush so my truck is now a mess. We get out there and get everything ready to go. The guy we are purchasing this camper from openly admits, they didn’t use it, so he really knows very little about the thing.


That’s fine. All the manuals, all the paperwork, all the “stuff” that a camper brings, he handed to us. We drove off the proud owners of a “new” camper.


Yup. But, our dreaming has begun. We want to go to Door County in Wisconsin, take our bikes, and see some more of this awesome place we missed when we went with our daughters a few years ago. We want to travel to Missouri to visit our old stomping grounds and maybe to Kansas City to meet up with a couple of runners I’ve “known” for years, but never had the chance to meet in real life. We want to travel to Lanesboro, Minnesota, ride our bikes, visit the goofy shops, and maybe see a live show. We want to travel up the North Shore of Lake Superior and see the lake in all her glory. I’d love to see the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and the cool places along the way. My wife, she just wants to go and I love her for that.

So this summer, the Slice of Life Tuesday blog may be on the road somewhere, we’ll see. All we see are possibilities around us and that’s ok. There is a drawback that we see right off the bat.


Gas. Truck and trailer = horrible gas mileage. When we traveled out to Boston last summer, a chunk of our money went towards gas. With a bigger trailer attached and gas at least a dollar a gallon more, we’ll see how far we can truly go without emptying our bank account!


After that, we have a bed on wheels, that happens to have a shower, a bathroom, a sink, a fridge (one that will actually work when we drive), a stove, an awning, and a cd player (I’m much happier with this than my wife), what more could we want?


Nope, I just want it to be the weekend so we can test this dang thing out and see if the heat will really keep the place warm! After that, a plan would be good too.

Or just load up and drive off into the sunset.

Whatever works! 🙂