The last few days, I’ve focused myself and my slices on the little things around me. Sometimes, I get carried away, looking for “that moment” in the day, the week to share out. However, that gets tiring.


Shhh. The big things don’t always show themselves right away. But if you look closely, the little things are all around.

  • My wife and I took a run this morning. It wasn’t a real hard run, but got us a little over three miles, and it was nice to be out together. Plus, we got to run past historic Kinnick Stadium, Carver Hawkeye Arena, saw a whole bunch of robins, and in the end, we both felt fine.
  • We got to see my brother and his family. They just got back from Arizona yesterday afternoon, so we were lucky to connect. It was nice to see almost the whole family (their daughter took off as we left to play tennis). Plus, we got Christmas presents! A couple of books, a Cubs lego hat, and a cd! Lots of talking and laughing.
  • On our way back, I checked social media, and it is a “gold out” for tomorrow’s Iowa game, so I got myself a good, gold Iowa t-shirt. We stopped into a local second hand store, and my wife got a t-shirt too. As we were checking out, she got a $5 discount, which got her the shirt for $2.
  • We ate and laughed with Melissa’s family like we have since Thursday night. They go to be ridiculously early, so I’ve been up each night late watching basketball by myself.
  • And tomorrow, another trip to see an electric team play, one more time, along with 15,000 of my closest friends.

It’s about the combination of the little things that make a slice. For an overwhelming majority of us, those epic moments are few and far between, but when you stop to see the little things, it fills your notebook, your blog, and your heart.

Go and do your heart good!