Today, my wife and I each took a personal day and ended up in Iowa City. We came down last night (check out what we found here) and today, Iowa Hawkeye Women’s Basketball.

The last time the women hosted NCAA games, they were also the #2 seed. They came dangerously close to losing the #15 seed, but ended up winning by single digits.

Fast forward to this afternoon, this Iowa team is built differently. They are led by a sophomore name Caitlin Clark who is a coach’s dream. She can pass, she can move well without the ball, she can rebound, most of all, she can shoot from literally anywhere inside of half court. She has a center named Monica Czinano who, when she gets the ball deep, is almost automatic. They run and gun constantly and are fun to watch. They click together and when all parts are running smoothly, they are a scoring machine. The best part, they care about each other and the fans around them.

Oh, they won, 98 – 58. No big deal.

Because of this, they’ll play for one last time in Iowa City on Sunday.

In front of 15,000 screaming fans, because it was just announced at the game is a sellout.

The thrid in a row.

This team is built differently and the fans have embraced them.

And with the men’s surprising loss on Thursday *profanity*, the focus is now squarely on this team.

From what I can tell, with the swagger they’ve played over the last month, they’ll take it.

And we’ll be there, one more time! 🙂

The little things in life build to create a lifetime full of memories. Don’t wait, go see what you want to see, go do what you want to do. Take your vacation days, your personal days, YOUR days.

Get out here and enjoy your life.