Note: This was my blog on our Kidblog for this week! I will be adding to it on this blog, but you’ll get the general idea! 🙂

Last week, I did NOT follow through on two of my three big rocks. I got home late three of the 5 school days, so it was hard to follow through, then this weekend, Saturday, we moved wood chips into our flower gardents and Sunday was Mother’s Day, so both of my daughters came home! 🙂 I did get two blogs done, so that was the one big rock I was able to get through! Ugh.

This week:

 1) Writing: My goal again, get two blogs done.  I’ll get my Tuesday writing in, but at least one other time during the week. I’m thing about moving it away from Friday, but I’m not sure yet. I need a schedule. 🙂

2) School: Catch up with other assignments and get ready for the last big push before computers are turned in for the year.

3) Planning: We are wanting to go on vacation, so getting our reservations made at the campgrounds we want to stay at and start making plans for what we want to do!

4) Attitude: My attitude has been garbage lately, just absolutely terrible. Now, I have reasons but my shitty attitude should not be showing up in my classroom or in my school. So my goal this week, look for those positives, the things that will make me smile. I just had an interaction with a student where we were talking about the number of weeks left for school (it’s three) and she’s telling me it’s “two and a half”. We are on Tuesday, there’s no half involved! She rolled her eyes, but it made me smile. Little things like that. Another student, who’d been working on a loose tooth since last week just smiled at me with big hole in his mouth: “I lost it!”


What are some important things for you this week? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section!

Now, I get a lot of “why do we have to do this” or “they are always the same” and this is ok. This is by far my favorite Leader in Me activity, that idea of planning your week around those things that you see as most important. It forces students to think about themselves that their needs for the upcoming week. Soccer game? That’s a big rock. Family time? Certainly a big rock! Getting yourself caught up? Big. Rock.

Having students see that they can control their lives by putting those big rock first isn’t something they are always willing to see. But, I have students who I know are taking this to heart, doing those big things first, then sprinkling life is around them.

And that’s what the idea of big rock and putting first things first is all about: planning, prioritizing, and giving yourself a chance to be successful.

Because why not work a little bit at your own success?

Crazy idea, I know. But just crazy enough to work! :)_