15 days.


15 days of school left in a year that’s saw much more grey hair plus the weight lost in the spring packed back on.


Yes, as we said in church today: “This year has been….challenging.” Challenging being the understatement of the year (my spell check wanted “undergarment”).

So, we are steeling ourselves for the last 15 days. No, riots aren’t breaking out and the National Guard isn’t being called in, but behaviors have been on the rise (to which I smile and repeat the options they are given). Negative attitudes are up (and yes, I will be sickeningly sweet to combat those attitudes). And just the unknown is out their, waiting to pounce (and we talk about how we can best deal with change).


Kids will test. They will poke and prod. They will look for a weakness to exploit. We’ll give them love, kindness, and the understanding that this is still school and while they have the right to be disagreeable, they also have to deal with the consequences of those actions.

And we’ll said it with a smile.

They don’t like that. Not at all. 🙂

But, we are gearing up for three more tough weeks in a tough year. And by god, they will be awesome weeks.

What else is there?? 🙂