My well-laid plan of notebooks and organization for my blog has fallen into disrepair and here I am writing at 8:55 PM with not much to put out there. So, we’ll talk about how I’m doing currently. 🙂

Currently I’m thinking/wondering:

  • How I resist the temptations to drink more Diet Coke. I’ve thrown any presence of trying to be healthy out the window. I tend to eat my feelings, thus I’ve gained 20 pounds this year. Not healthy or attractive, not at all. I will admit, the “take care of yourself” self-care emails we get are always great.


  • What our vacation may look like. We have reservations outside of Boston at a state park near the rail line, but what else would we do? I’m hoping Canada opens up to vaccinate US citizens, because we’ll drive near Niagara Falls, which is always a treat.
  • How I try to keep up with grading while stumbling tired.


  • About dealing with the mask idiocy of our grand state. The CDC put out their “you can stop wearing masks if you are vaccinated” guidance. Friday afternoon, our state’s Department of Public Health put out the guidance that says kids don’t need to wear masks at school. So, most schools (including ours) moved from a mask mandate to a mask optional policy. I won’t go into much detail about this, about the students, teachers, and paras who are or are not wearing masks or about how we as teachers were actually told. However, for me, it’s 10 freaking days. I’ll wear my mask, thank you, because it’s the right AND respectful thing to do in the middle of a pandemic.
  • Do I create a TikTok? Is it worth making one? Two? Or would it just make me look more fat and old than I already am?
  • How’s next year going to look? Three women who’ve been grade partners or part of the pod I taught with are retiring this year. Between the three of them, almost 100 years of experience will walk out the door on May 28th and not return next year. I’ve shared laughter, tears, the joys of parenting, the pain of losing parents, and the experience of being more than just teachers, but friends. Teams like this are forged over time, through shared experiences, and forged on doing the best of students. I will miss them all dearly.


  • Will my parents actually buy a house? They’ve decided to “move to town” at the worst time because of the housing market. They’ve been touring house after house, but are finding houses are selling like crazy. We stopped to see them on Sunday and for the first time, they made mention that maybe, just maybe, they’ll spend another year on the homestead. They just want to be moved on their own terms, not because they have to, which is why I love them dearly.
  • Will I get my garden in? Of course I will, but that erge is just don’t there this year. Part of it is I’m just a walking zombie and part of it we still have a BUNCH of stuff I Covid planted last year. I will make due, but it’s a struggle this year, big time.
  • And currently, I’m the new DropKick Murphys new cd, Turn up That Dial. I’m embarrassed to say this, but, I’ve been a fan of the group since the song “Tessie” from EA Sports’ baseball game, “MVP Baseball 2005”. A side note, that game was amazing, but the soundtrack on the game was out-freaking-standing. Check out a blog about it here. Back their most current release, there’s not a song that I don’t like, not one. They rock, they ballad, they curse, and the play the bagpipes. I’m good with all this. Now, if I could just get my wife to like it! 🙂

What’s current with you? Does this connect with you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Until next time, be a good human. We need much more of this in all our lives right now!