Today was Day 3 of my vlog, and the kids are being awesome with this experiment.


Today’s vlog received more comments and compliments as well:

Your not a nerd

Me describing myself as one when I talked about the vlog AND the fact one of the things on tomorrow’s plan was to play Minecraft.


You are getting really great at this

Great video


Apparently, I can’t hear them through the computer! LOL!!

also you’re doing better with each video

These comments are exactly why I started this foolishness. These comments are gold to me because the kids see me, my first attempt was awkward, but each time after, I feel a little more comfortable, a little more confident. If their teacher can put himself out there, look a little foolish, yet growing, why can’t they do the same?

In the end, it’s teaching and learning, and they don’t even know it’s happening to them. Watching someone grow gives us ALL that ability to say, “Why not me?”.

And why not you? What are you doing during our extended break to help yourself grow?  Who are you sharing with? Students? Teachers? Other community members?

I encourage you to extend yourself. It’s not easy (says introvert me) but my students are learning by watching my process.

That, my friends, is what education is all about.

Who knows, I could be the next big thing on YouTube! You saw it here first.