Yup, I’m a vlogger.


Nope, not a very good one, but I’m trying all the same.

It’s one of the things that will connect with my students, and it really has. I emailed my class yesterday and got a great response. This was the plan, the response. Students commenting about how “cool” this was (which it is certainly NOT), but they were engaging.

It’s those little things, stepping outside our comfort zones that will help our students see that it is ok to be nervous about what’s going on. They see their teacher being honest about things and they know, “Hey, I’m not alone with this mess.”

And they aren’t. I want them connecting not only with me, but with each other as well. I want them calling, Facetime, SnapFaceChatBooking with each other because that’s what they do. I may not always like it, but it’s how they communicate. Yes, when we go back, we’ll go through our lessons about starting and ending conversations, accepting criticism, and dealing with conflict. But not right now.

Right now, it’s about managing our emotions, managing this epic break, and making sure they are taking care of themselves and each other.

And if vlogging helps, I’ll keep doing it.

Even if I look like an awkward sixth grader! 🙂

Check out my first vlog and feel free to mock away!