It finally stopped raining and snowing and being blustery, so my wife and I took advantage and got outside. We walked three miles, mooed at the herd of cows in the field, and got the patio furniture out.

I came across our daffodils and tulips as I was moving about a snapped a couple of pictures. It struck me, as we are in the middle of a pandemic, these flowers don’t care. They only care the earth is warming and that it’s time to grow. Long after we’ve gone from this physical plane, these types of things will take place. The flowers will grow, birds will migrate, baby calves will be born because that’s what happens. We try so hard to control what is not controllable: nature.

I’ve dug into the virus a little bit and read about where it might have come from (both legitimate ideas and some conspiracy theory stuff (there’s weird stuff out there) ) and all have one thing in common: humans can’t control it, period.

So where ever you are tonight, hug those you love, do things that make you happy, because this bug isn’t going away for a while. Understand you can control what you can control. Some of us are stressed about this, but it’s true. I’d wish this away in a heartbeat, but my wife and I have had some great conversations about life and love and family. The dorky snaps from both daughters have made us laugh and my student comments have filled me up with goodness.

Now, you may be suffering from the bug, or have someone you know who is. You may be dealing with a lot more than anyone of us knows about, and this isn’t meant to downplay those issues. However, like a very wise sixth-grade teacher told me “You can control what you can control” and “One day at a time”.

Sleep well, readers, tomorrow is a new day.