Just like that, I’m out of the running…..

Just like that, a streak of 66 straight days, 2 years plus 2 days, of the challenge are broken….

Just like that…..


I’m a fairly competitive person, so throw the word challenge in front of me, and it’s something I feel I can do, I’ll try it. I had high hopes of completing year three without missing a day.

And so, like all streaks, we begin today anew.

Last spring, the UConn women’s basketball team, holders of a winning streak of 111 games, lost on a last second jump shot in the NCAA national semi-final game. Their season ended with a loss. They had a camera on Genoย Auriemma during that sequence. He watches the shot go up, in, and smiles. SMILES, and turns to the opposing coach to congratulate her.

Later, he would say:

“I knew this was coming at some point. Iโ€™m just shocked that it took this long to get here.”

I’ve got no one to congratulate but my own stupidity, so we’ll just go with that.

But today is Day One of my next streak. Hopefully, at the end of next year, I can win a prize.

But we’ll be have to be happy with the “it builds character” experience of this year!

Because, once again, what else can we do? Going backward is not an option.

We fail forward.