We have another snow day.


Our district, from one end to another, is approximately 30 miles wide, and really encompasses all of what I see as typical here in Iowa. On one end, pretty wide open flat area, the stuff you’d think, “Oh, that’s Iowa all right,” and the other end, rolling hills, oak trees, and a quizzical “what Iowa is this” look on people who drive through!

Either way, because of this, we’ve had more snow days this year that in the last three combined. Ugh! So, I jumped onto my Kidblog (https://goo.gl/i3QWMQ) and threw down the “Snow Day Challenge”. If, in the next 12 hours, they can comment on 8 different blogs, they’ll get a sucker.


I know it doesn’t seem like much, but this group loves Tootsie Pops. They are my carrot to pay attention as they are reading. If they find a mistake inside a book (misspelling, improper punctuation, something like that), then I’ll give them a sucker. I’ve spent a great amount of money on these suckers because they are like hawks, finding all sorts of misprints!

Anyway, with another snow day, I need to catch up on my grading, so until tomorrow…..