My last title was “Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm” and this one could just as well have been “Things That Make You Go ‘Doh!'”  I swear, we cannot see beyond the nose on our face with some of the decisions that are made around here, and I had a chance just to say that with my administrator.  We see the rule of the law as king, and common sense goes right out the window!


She agreed to a certain extent (as much as she could) but then said “we also need to pull ourselves out of our pity party too.”




But, as I say that, I go back to the book I just finished reading, The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon.  An awesome book, oh my goodness awesome, one that I think about a lot as I walk these hallways.  In it, you are given 10 rules that will help to guide you on your bus and help give your journey a sense of direction.  The rule that struck me was “No Energy Vampires Allows” and that’s what I feel right now.  I’ve worked so darn hard to be positive, to keep myself and those around me going in the right direction, but yet, that energy is starting to get sucked all ready.  We do have tons of stuff to do, more so then I ever remember, but at the same time, we have young mind who are depending on us for the positive things in their lives.  We have bad days and we all need that time to vent, but we also need to remember that we are allowed that time, then it’s time to put on the positive pants and keep going.


And I’ll drop this little nugget too: being a connected educator – having my blog, my Twitter, and that ability to vent out a bit more has made my job easier.  I know there are thousands out there who have bad days, and it’s ok to talk about it, to get it out, and to move on from it better and stronger.  I keep pushing it, but at this point, no one’s buying what I’m selling.  They will though, they always do! 😉


I need another great tie or something because I will keep myself positive in the face of this.  I have to.  I need my face to be one that the people in this hallway can depend on for a smile, a word of encouragement, or a piece of chocolate!  We can only muddle in despair so long (as much fun as it is) before we have to start picking ourselves up and remembering why we do this job in the first place.  Surely isn’t for the money, nor is it for the great phone calls, the classrooms that smell, or all the other “perks” we have.  It’s about the kids, period.


So smile, put your positive pants on, and keep making a difference! 🙂  I’m going to do my best to keep doing it as well!