Apparently, my brain is seeping my thoughts around, because it seems like every blog post I’ve read lately talks about exactly what I’ve been thinking.

I’ve deleted three different topics as this last blog just struck me right between the eyes!  It’s titled “This is Your Life [are you who you want to be]”  and it’s just an amazing read about what “new teacher” might think of “today’s teacher”.  Plus, it’s got an awesome song and Harry Potter, which is like the cherry on top in my book, but don’t get me started there. #harrypottergeek

Anyway, I’ve been questioning a lot about myself, my teaching, how I do things, if I even belong right now because I look at my students, ones that I’ve had for a year and think “am I doing the right thing?”  I watch successes, failures, struggles, and great things, but yet I’m not satisfied in that I’m doing it well enough for them.  I don’t know, perhaps it’s just a mid-life thing, perhaps it’s a burn out thing, who knows, maybe I really do suck at this! 🙂

However, after going with some 5th – 8th graders to a tech/STEM outing today, I can see that I do good things, the biggest being I can help student believe they are capable of great things.  Sometimes, for that one student, that’s the difference maker.  I don’t know, we’ll see where this whole reflective bit takes me.  Sometimes, we as educators over think things way, WAY too much, and I may be falling into that category, but it’s posts like the one above and several others that make be want to do better for my students.

And at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.