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August 2013

I Shouldn’t Let It Get To Me, But I Do

We are five days in, five days into our school year and the first letter arrives.   This will be 15 years at my current school, 3 years in Missouri, and year in Alaska.  At the end of this current... Continue Reading →

I will. . . . .

I'm not sure where this even came from, whether something someone talked about at a conference or a blog, but I found it quite engaging. We were making name tents for those fun filled times where I am out of the... Continue Reading →

My friend, the principal

One my friends, someone I've know for a while now, is now my principal.  Now, I can't give names or anything like that, but I know she reads this blog, so I can write whatever I want here without being... Continue Reading →

Let It Ride

The last two weeks have been hectic for us as we've been running our daughter to swim practice in a neighboring town.  It's about a 30 minute drive and then a two hour practice, so hardly enough time to run... Continue Reading →

10 questions to help you become a better teacher…

I'm minding my own business, just looking and different blog and I come across this gem! I've never "reblogged" something before, so hopefully I'm doing this right. Either way, what a wonderful way to help all of us who deal... Continue Reading →

Change is All Around Us

Change.   If you are in education, heck, in life, you hear this word tossed around a lot.  The curmudgeonous old man in me flares as I think I don't need change that much and while we are at it, get... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Voice

Today I had a rare thing happen: two hours of time to myself! My oldest daughter is starting swim practice, which is in Decorah, thus a 30 minute drive, not always a lot of fun.  However, Decorah is also the... Continue Reading →

Another Post About Following Your Passions? Why Not?

It seems that writing about, talking about, tweeting about following your passions is all the rage right now, and why not? As a teacher, helping my students to find what drives them, what makes their own being tick is indeed... Continue Reading →

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