The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

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April 2013

“Sad and Alone”

Ah yes, nothing like a good Irish drinking song to make you feel good about life! 🙂   "Sometimes you need time to be sad and alone." - from the song "Sad and Alone", found on Carbon Leaf's newest cd... Continue Reading →

Just Not Sure

I'm not sure how much longer this blog may be active.   For the four of you who read this, you may be asking, "But why? We even laughing at your errors."  And while that may be true, I've hit... Continue Reading →

A Change In Plans

I started out today with the idea of "milestones" in my head for a blog.  Well, it will have to stay there and bide it's time because something has come up.   The Boston Marathon Bombs.   A runner friend... Continue Reading →

Me, A Blogging Mentor??

I saw this phrase in my Twitter message box and laughed out loud!   If you've read this blog at all, you know that I'm no writer. I'm just some guy who puts a lot of words on a page,... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, you just have to read the directions!

"Read the directions first, then ask questions."   How many times has that statement come out of my mouth?  Some days, I just want rolling markee that I can put up at the front of my room that has an... Continue Reading →

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Ok, I've got a grumpy crabby post that I was thinking about, but then it hit me, it's Read-In day!  Why would I ever want to spread my curmudgeonry on to anyone else on a day like this??   For those of... Continue Reading →

Rock That Assessment

This will probably be my shortest blog, so pay attention! 🙂   We got word that our Iowa Assessment scores were back today. Yippee (please note the extreme sarcasm here).   Every time I try to write about this, it comes out either... Continue Reading →

A New Streak

I won't lie, I'm a very small man.  I love looking at the statistics of this blog, seeing how many times it's been accessed, how many days in a row that someone, anyone, has visited, keeping track of how many... Continue Reading →

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