I won’t lie, I’m a very small man.  I love looking at the statistics of this blog, seeing how many times it’s been accessed, how many days in a row that someone, anyone, has visited, keeping track of how many days in a row this happens.


Well, my last streak was 17 days, which isn’t too shabby if I do say so myself.  Sunday, as I was driving the countryside between sunrise service, a mad dash to Iowa City and back, my blog was neglected, and my streak of consecutive days with a visit was stopped.  So, yesterday, I noticed I had a vistor, and that pushed me into the next two blogs I’m going to write.


It also got me thinking about my students and their streak of attendance.  We do not celebrate attendance like we should, not at all.  We should be proud of those students who make it here, day after day, year after year.  In Missouri, our local bank would donate some pretty significate prizes for students who’d made it to school the entire year, then two year, and finally all the years of elementary.  Kids were always amazed because to them, it was simply another day at school, but yet, I know it pushed some of my students to come to school.


Is it a bribe? Oh probably.  However, when I know for a fact that some students would beg their parents to reschedule appointments so they didn’t miss school, bribe or not, it worked.


So, here’s to another 17 days (or more) of readers checking out my writing.  My prize, knowing that some where, some one is finding this interesting enough to read, and in my mind, that’s a pretty cool prize! 🙂