I’m not sure how much longer this blog may be active.


For the four of you who read this, you may be asking, “But why? We even laughing at your errors.”  And while that may be true, I’ve hit a block of sorts.  I’ve sat here, with all this stuff in my head, but each draft I’ve written has been less then positive, much less.  Many different angles have been tried, many different things thought about, but it comes across negative, and I don’t want that.  While I’m not just sugary sweet, I’m so not a Negative Nelly either, and that’s what I come across as.


I may take a bit of a break or write when only truly inspired, and come back in the summer when “stuff” isn’t going down.  We’ll see.  All I know is this writing funk just isn’t who I am, so I’ll be interested to see where this all takes me.


I appreciate your reading and hope that this blog does make some kind of an impact with you: large or small, positive or negative.