Ah yes, nothing like a good Irish drinking song to make you feel good about life! 🙂


“Sometimes you need time to be sad and alone.” – from the song “Sad and Alone”, found on Carbon Leaf’s newest cd titled Ghost Dragon Attacks Dragon


If I didn’t know that most adult beverages carry an enormous amount of calories, I’d be right in the middle of this song.  It’s not as though anything bad has happened, but I’ve lost focus in a number of things.  Imagine binoculars where everything is there, but just a little bit fuzzy, that’s how my focus has been, which is difficult for me.  I’ll be the first to admit staying focused can be difficult, but this has gone on for a while now.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve not written in a while, every time I’d sit down to write, I’d lose whatever it was I wanted to write about, and it usually ended up this meandering river of yuck, which I’d delete, because let’s be honest, who wants to read that?? 🙂  Well, I’d delete it, then feel bad because I couldn’t stay focused and get down.  Needless to say, the positive self talk was not there!


Well, I’ve tried keeping my running up (I’m down 21 pounds from the beginning of the year) and this seems to have helped a bit.  It doesn’t hurt that I got my fingers dirty planting spinach and lettuce in my garden.  This weekend will be the best weekend weather wise this year, so I’m planning on totally overdoing it trying to get potatoes in the ground along with tilling my other garden plots.


All this just gets me thinking, how do my students get out of their funks?  What can I do or provide to them to help them not get down on themselves about what they are doing? Some failure is ok, it’s a learning process, and I think we as teachers don’t let students fail enough.  Yet, I also know when some of these kids are at home, they fail a lot, so my room should be more safe for them.  It’s very  much a balancing act that I’m not always very good about keeping my feet going.  Sometimes, I get that feeling that I’m balancing over Niagara Falls, and a wind storm is coming.  This last writing project we’ve started, I know that my time has been spent with certain students more so then others.  How much is enough help? Too much?  Good questions, but hard ones!


As you might tell, a corner of some sort has been turned. How or why I’m not sure, but my attitude is better, and I’m feeling better about things. I’ll get things planted, some things cleaned up, and we’ll go from there.


Either way, if you happen into my neck of the woods, I’d be glad to take you to our local Irish eatery and enjoy a fine dinner and drink with, so I don’t have to drink alone! 🙂