Today’s one of those Saturdays we needed.

We got up and went to our exercise place and got in 30 minutes of swimming. This is becoming my happy place, just moving. I’ve never been a fast runner or a good swimmer, but I’m getting to that point where I crave it. The sweat that expels the toxins, both real and imagined, out of my body. Running, biking, swimming, it all works for me. It helps me sleep better, it keeps those junk thoughts at bay, and it helps me to literally live longer.


But, this isn’t a blog about exercise! 🙂 So we got our 30 minutes of swimming in because we are doing our own month-long Ironman Challenge, similar to what we did last month: 26.2 miles of running, 156 laps in the pool, 112 miles on the bike. Without spin class going twice a week, biking has been the toughest part for both of us. But, we’ve been fairly consistent with this, so a couple more days of our challenge and we’ll be done.

Next, we came home and I made low carb pancakes.


I know, I thought the same thing, but they are pretty good. 2 ounces of cream cheese, two eggs, some “sugar substitute” (I ignore this), and a teaspoon of vanilla. I added a scoop of vanilla protein powered with pretty good results, along with a teaspoon of ground flax. Blend all this together, then let sit for a couple of minutes. if you want fluffier pancakes, a couple of tablespoons of almond flour do the trick! This make four decent sized pancakes, so I doubled the recipe and enjoyed my breakfast with my wife.

She took off for a bridal shower, so I went to town and picked up chicken feed. I then made the five mile drive to Country View Dairy, our favorite place for yogurt and various other things too! I got some plain Greek yogurt (which tastes awesome with a scoop of vanilla protein powered and blueberries), and some honey pork sticks with pineapple. Delicious! If you are ever in the area, this dairy store is a great place to visit because they have all the “dairy” items, but then, soft-serve frozen yogurt! Yummy!!


From there, home, and vacuuming the steps, living room, and dining room. We have two cats, Opal and Mozzie, who are starting to lose their winter pelts, so cat hair is everywhere! Ugh! We also live in the middle of nowhere, so Asian beetles are ALWAYS an issue. We have a house built in the 1920s, so bugs find their way in. I love to vacuum (and my wife loves it when I vacuum) because it’s clean that makes me feel good! Plus, vacuuming the step is noticeable, and again, it makes me feel good to do!! 🙂

Right now, we are watching camping videos: how to dewinterize, how to fill your tanks, dumping your tanks, how to replace the heating elements, just a rousing Saturday night for us! My new learning for tonight, there’s something called a sway bar that we have and the bars can be taken off. I did not know this and it will make for setting up when we get to a campsite much easier! 🙂

Notice, no school work. I’ll be behind for tomorrow, but I’ve really, REALLY hard to keep my Saturdays for us. No emails, no grading, just time for us. 6 days of work is enough!

I hope your Saturday was an amazing day doing things that make you happy! ❤️