Where are the words?


The words didn’t flow through this challenge.

I’m not sure why but this month has just not been that month for the challenge.

It’s been a tough month to be a teacher. The kids are cranky because they are tired of us and school in general. The teachers are cranky because kids are not doing what they need to do, thus are falling behind, and we have our Iowa standardized tests coming, along with the 43 documents from the district on expectations, rules, more rules, some new rules, and oh yeah, raise those scores so our school looks good.


Yup. I’ve been stressed about leaving. Self-doubt has never been my friend, but damn, it’s been eating me up right now. I had a nice talk with the teacher who is my room for next year and it helped, but I look around my current room and there are so many memories, things that have emotional meaning, and the ghosts of teachers before me. I’ve got students telling their parents they’ll be sad that I’m not here, and I know, it’s sixth graders. After next year, I’ll be that ghost in the building, but I thought I’d sleep better having made that decision. I’m not.

So I’m stressed. What does a stressed Darin do? Eat my feelings!


I’m way up in weight, which does not make me happy at all. I was so close to my goal, school started, and it’s been a rough year, thus I’m back to square one.

And all of this just weighs on my soul (literally and figuratively).

All of this plays into why it’s just been such a task to write. Even at the start of the challenge, I was writing way too late and just couldn’t get my own habits changed to make that happen.

I don’t know.

Maybe next year will be better.

But, as I’m watching March go out like a lion, the tornadoes south of us (my brother and his family and my wife’s aunt and uncle are all good) and a blizzard warning where my college roommate lives, sometimes, the writing isn’t what is important. It’s just being present in where you are and taking care of your own.

I’m not going anywhere. It’s just been a tough school year and a tough month.

I’ll see you next Tuesday, if not sooner!