Nope, don’t get any idea, I’m not ready to go down that road, yet, although if we do get traveling more, a travel account could happen.


Why not, I’ve seen some really nicely produced YouTube/TikTok accounts and they make it look easy. A little practice and it could happen without a doubt.


That’s not the blog.

I’m curious if you are on TikTok at all? Because why not? Now, I don’t want to hear about “China” or “spyware” or anything like that. True, TikTok is a total time sucker. But, I’ve found a bunch of cool stuff, but for myself and my students on this app. There are inspirational clips about hope, persistence, or just plain grit. There are teachers sharing out tips about all sorts of educational stuff.


However, I’m a little darker.


I’m enjoying the videos sharing about the insane stuff of their educational experiences, good, bad, or otherwise. The happy videos of being recognized for doing something great. The videos of teachers feeling sad about those crazy things as we see our country turn against us. Or just those teachers not knowing how to deal with some of the insane things going on and their lack of support.

It’s interesting to talk with teachers about this app. They are all loving it or hating it, there’s no in-between.

We’ve accepted lots of different social media for education. Why not this one? Flood the app with teachers and see where the kids go next? 🙂