Must. Write. Words.

Must. Communicate. To. The. World.

Must. Complete. Blog.


Ok, maybe it’s not that bad, but my writing has been downright funky. I’ve got so many drafts that just haven’t been done. So, I’m starting easy to get myself going again, a little mind dump that I learned from the Slice of Life Challenge. It’s just a sentence starter, but it gets the rust in my mind cleaned off.

So, today, I am….

  • Excited because a member of the Iowa Women’s Basketball team, Monica Czinano, was drafted by the LA Sparks. She was such a big part of the team that made an amazing run to the finals. She will be missed in Iowa, but yet, I’m happy for her and hopeful for what she can do in the WNBA and beyond. She’s a tremendous player, but like many on that team, she’s an even better person.
  • Nervous because my time here in my current position is coming to an end soon. As I look around my room, so many memories. I took the job for a reason, but it will be hard to walk out that last day knowing that I didn’t retire from this school. That makes me sad, but angry at the same time, because there were so many ways to avoid this point.
  • Annoyed because it’s almost midnight (EST) and I’m trying to get this done. My day gets pulled in so many directions anymore that I disengage with a lot of things. Too many most likely and I’m stuck writing late into the night because of my own poor choices!
  • Curious because a player for the about mentioned Iowa Women’s Basketball team has entered the transfer portal, leaving a scholarship spot open that previously was not. As the national championship game showed, we need another post for our team, and last week, a post from Stanford entered the portal. At that time, there was no scholarship open for her, but now…….
  • Tired because it is late and I’ve restarted (again) the campaign to regain my body. My weight is up 25 pounds from the beginning of the year. Yeah, I’m fat. The past couple of years have been pretty sweet at the weight I was, but this year, I just haven’t handled the stress well at all, thus the gain. My hope, I can regain that footing with my stress, and work through the weight. It wasn’t gained in a day and won’t be lost in a day either.
  • Intrigued about ChatGTP and the other pieces of AI out there, both as an educator and someone who is looking to capitalize on the technology to make some money. There are many ways that it could be/is used in the classroom, but the money-making aspect is something I’d not thought about before. I’ve been watching some TikToks about this and I could see the uses play out.
  • And finally, I’m hopeful. My daughters were home this weekend and just having them around made my soul happy. We visited my brother and his family, which was certainly a good thing for us. It’s things like this that just make me believe in the good in humans.

Thanks for reading and hopefully, we’ll get more of this up soon. I need to get my notebooks out and start writing in them too!

Tonight, I’ll sleep a little better! 🙂