First, happy #50 to my brother! I talked with him for an hour tonight, just catching up on life which was nice. He’s got three kids, one in college, a senior, and a middle schooler. Take pity on his soul! 🙂

As for music, my tastes this year really having changed a whole lot. You can check out my music posts from previous slices here and here, but I’m feeling old and boring right now.

My biggest find this year in the music category, Connor Price. I found him on TikTok and was just enthralled by the way flow of his words and the background beats. His TikToks were epic, just great acting AND music!

This is his YouTube channel, but you if you on other social medias, just search his name. He did a really cool project where he’d spin a globe and set his finger down on a country. He’d then find an up and coming artist and they do a collaboration together. Once he did a couple of those videos, things took off!

Finally, a shout out to your two time Big Ten Champion Iowa Women’s Basketball Team! Today’s game was a statement game for the NCAA committee, showing they deserve a #1 seed in upcoming tournament.They won 105 – 72 and it wasn’t that close. They are a team on a mission and it showed today!

Today was another good day. We’ll see what tomorrow brings! 🙂