The Mighty Mississippi was looking like spring today! 🙂

Today, it was just about being here. We’ve always lived near bodies of water. The Mississippi in Winona, right next to the Bering Sea in Alaska, the Missouri in Boonville, and the Turkey River right now. But to me, the Mississippi has always held a special place. When we were younger, we’d go to “Eagle Watch” near one of the lock and dams on the Mississippi. We’d see tons of eagles, back when they just weren’t around, sitting in the trees near the open water.

Today, we ended up at the Mississippi, but near Prarie du Chien. We took a roundabout way of getting there because, well, it’s Saturday. We started in a little town near by, Elkader. It’s nestled into the Turkey River Valley (go figure), and home to some “cute” shops (blah). There’s one that my wife enjoys going to, so that was the first stop. Next, the river town of Prairie du Chien. It’s right of the river (as the picture may indicate), with plenty of fun. We ended up at Eddie’s Irish Pub for a couple of drinks and some food, then off to the Mississippi.

There’s something about walking along a river that big, that stretches that long, that just keeps you grounded. It’s the power of water, the power of Mother Nature that really puts you in your place. Today, there was ice, a little snow, geese, and ducks. We walked and talked and just had that chance to be again. It feels good to not be a teacher, just for an afternoon, to leave it back at the house.

As it is, watching the water flow, it felt good. Spring in nearby and all that water says, embrace the change in season.

It’s something we all should do from time to time! 🙂