Today is the last day of February, which means that tomorrow is the first day of Two Writing Teachers‘ Slice of Life Challenge.


If you don’t know, each year, the Two Writing Teachers offer up a challenge: Write every single day for the month of March (here’s the sign up) and comment on a number of blogs each day as well. Easy you say? Not so fast, my friend! This challenge is one that’s tough to do because it requires that writer’s mindset of looking and pay attention for things to write about as well as the persistence to find those blog you like to comment on.


It is! There’s so many different people with difference experiences who come in and share. Yet, many of our experiences, regardless of where we are at in our lives, are connected. Kids are kids, parents are parents, and school is school. Sure we are at different stages of our lives. My own experiences differ from many just because I’m a dude in the midst of a many women (it’s my life as an elementary/middle school teacher, don’t judge me!), but yet, as a teacher, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, all of those shared things bring us together.

Usually, I’ve got my notebook set, I’ve got my drafts ready, and I’m good to go.

Not this year.

I just don’t know. Between that and “I just don’t understand,” those phrases are just part of my 22-23 school year. This is another place where I just don’t feel it right now. I struggle getting the words on the screen, on the page, on whatever! So, this year’s challenge will be interesting.

This is the first year I’ve not invited anyone from my school to take part, not because I wouldn’t love someone to be writing with, but because I’ve sent out the invitation too many times with not even a reply back. Sometimes, that communication is that lifeline that yes, people are reading my emails! 🙂 However, it’s ok. I’ll go it alone, as usual, because something like this is a little daunting to most. Heck, I remember my first year and it was hella tough! This year will be tough, just in a different way!

So, as I’ve brought the energy level of the world down a bit, I’ll say this, I typically get energized by the challenge and seeing all the different styles of writing, the different slices, and of course, the familiar faces that I’ve grown to enjoy over the last few years! My hope, this will get me through March, then April, the sun is out, the birds are coming back, spring is in the air. We’ve upgraded our phones, so now I can take my phone and computer outside, set up my hotspot, and have a place to write in my hammock or under a tree. Either way, writing in different places is a good thing too! 🙂

I wish the slicers who read this good luck! Sometimes, that slice is hard to come by, but we are good at noticing things. 31 days of writing is a lot of words, but in the end, it’s never ever been a bad experience.

I don’t plan on it to be this year! 🙂

I just looked back at my WordPress stats, this will be my 8th year of the Challenge? How is that possible?? I know there are many of you who’ve been doing this the whole time, but dang! That’s a solid relationship, and a writing one too! 🙂