Another Day 1.

Another Slice of Life Challenge.

Another introduction.


Why not indeed?! 🙂

It’s March, that time for being more mindful of what’s going on around us, to write down those goofy student quotes, the things we see that make an impact, or just see how the rhythm of life continues on, from year to year. It’s an interesting time because here in Iowa, March means that temperatures in the 50s are now ok because “it’s almost spring”. Snow storms in March aren’t looked at as so bad because “the snow won’t stay long”. Baby calves pop up all around us and the local feed store already have chicks in the back.

So, who I am you ask?



I’ve done six of these introductions (though I’ve labeled them differently each time, a sign of my adult ADHD) so I apologize if you know this about me already. Goodness knows I’m trying right now, and not being all that successful, so here we go! 🙂

Who am I?

  • My name is Darin and I have a writing problem! 🙂 Truly, I’ve never considered myself a “writer” even though I have almost 1,000 posts to my credit. I was hoping to see 1,000 on this challenge month, but alas, no. However, I find myself writing at the
  • I am the resident grump. My tone has become a bit (maybe more than a bit) jaded as of late. It would be because the purple, progressive Iowa I moved back to in 1999 has become the Iowa 1950s. I try it find the bright side of things, but after a while, that just gets totally exhausting as it seems we are bombarded daily with new bills, aimed at groups that 10 years ago, were accepted in our state.
  • I am organizationally challenged. This is part of my problem with many things in my life. My life gets cluttered and I forget things or things get away from me (like this blog that I started this morning!).
  • I’m not exactly sure what else people want to know about me! I’ve struggled with this introduction for some reason. I’m on the couch now, trying to think of what about be interesting about me. As a fat, balding, 51 year old, my life is rarely interesting anymore. I guess boring is good? 🙂
  • I am considering doing RABGRAI, the Register’s Annual Great Bike Across Iowa. We’ve finally (FINALLY) got ourselves out of the Brown Swiss business (not really, but that’s another slice), so I’m working on my wife because she’s nervous about doing it. It’s 500 miles this year, and she doesn’t handle heat well at all (a couple of heat-related issues will do that). But yet, she’s the one who pushed on this to begin with! Geez! 🙂
  • Like said yesterday, I am cautiously optimistic about this year’s writing. In 2018, I missed a few slices during this month. After that, I’ve not missed a March post since, so I’m not planning on doing it this year. I’ve got ideas, I’ve got plans, I’ve got my freaking notebook! What else do I need? The time to write and YOU, the reader, checking out this drivel and telling me to lighten up!

So, there I am! I’m excited to see some of the introductions and see who you are as a writer and person. We are here to slice and learn about ourselves and each others.

So, LET’S GO!! 🙂