It’s hard to find peace in our world.


Between our current economic structure that rewards wealth and punishes the poor to our political structure that rewards the wealthy and punishes the poor (no coincidence there at all), it’s hard to watch what goes on at both the state and national levels. As a middle-aged white man, my sphere of influence is shrinking almost daily, which is not a bad thing, but yet, it’s hard to stomach what is going on around me.

So, with all the chaos that’s going on around us, what should we do? Funny you should ask because I have ideas.



  1. Going forward, unplug more often. A couple of months ago, I deactivated both my Facebook and Instagram pages for about two weeks. One of the best things I’ve ever done. Social media is a thing and will continue to be a thing, but it doesn’t have to be in control of our lives. My daughter asked why I don’t sign out. I could have, but doing this makes it seem more real. Even though I’ve reactivated both accounts, I try to keep them more positive.
  2. Disconnect with the news. This one is more of a problem for me. Our legislature signed a voucher bill into law, introduced just two weeks ago. They changed the rules so it wouldn’t have to go through appropriations to see the cost, and our senate voted on it in the middle of the night. I was angry about this and my own social media accounts showed that anger. I’ve tried to disconnect from the red poison that is our government and the news, with limited success. We’ve been trying to get 30 minutes of exercise in, and that means I cannot focus on the idiocy. I charge my phone by my nightstand and will move it downstairs so I just roll over and check the news when I get up. It’s been toxic for a long time, and keeping it at arm’s length will help me find more peace
  3. Summer. We’ve got plans. Iowa City, Des Moines, and someplace far away from Iowa, all places we’ll be hanging out this summer. There will be much relaxation and saying NO to any intrusions on that break. If that doesn’t bring you peace, I don’t know what can right now.
  4. Live music: Along with unplugging, it’s finding those venues to see something new. One of my best friends got married last fall and his reception was in this amazing winery. Such a cool place. I’ve written about Iowa Irishfest and what a cool spot that is for great music, but in our travels this summer, we’ll be looking for more of this too.
  5. Music: My favorite podcasts have just hit lately. Groovelectic has a recent release called Mood Elevator that grabs your soul and pours all the good stuff into it. Nora En Pure’s podcast has been rocking as well. My principal came in to see me Thursday and I was in a mood, so my classroom door was closed and I was vibing. Music has always brought me peace, whether singing, playing, or listening. It did so in my youth and continues to do so today.
  6. Running: I hate to say this, but I’ve enjoyed getting back into shape. I got fat over the last three months of 2022, and getting my eating and exercise routine back has felt so good. My heart rate is down, I sleep SO better, and it’s what I need to feel good about myself.
  7. A good book: I’ve got a couple of new books that will bring me peace and laughter. Losing myself for an hour in them never is a bad thing, I need to make that time.


I know, right! Heck, if I could get half of those things to truly work out, it would feel amazing. As it is, they all bring calm to my clouded mind, it’s a matter of being conscious when some of the clouds start to move back into my head.

So, what brings you peace? Meditation? Riding a bike? Sitting and petting a cat (honorable mention)? Do tell me in the comments below.

And until tomorrow, find your peace.