Boy, if a title like that doesn’t bring people in, I don’t know what will!!



Today, on Instagram and Facebook, I expressed my displeasure for being smacked upsid the head with the Artic blast. As I drove to school this morning. I pulled over to take a picture of my thermometer in my truck, which was registering -24 degrees Fahrenheit.


That’s an understatement.

So, I post this little gem and get a bunch of responses. “But yet we still live here.” “DUDE. It was ‘only’ -12 here and I was made as hell.”

And favorite: a post from a student from my very first class in Alaska, who posted a picture of a thermometer that showed the temperature in Nome. It was 23 degrees today in Nome. 23 freaking degrees!! Are you out of your gosh darn mind?


I know! Now, Nome is a mere 3892 miles away from Clermont and 142 away from the Arctic Circle! And they are, seriously, 47 degrees warmer today? 47 DEGREES??

I’m so offended (not really, but still) about this mess. Here is no reason or at least one that I want to hear about, that Nome, Alaksa is warmer than Iowa. I’ve found that my fondness for winter is slowly going away. I’m warm blooded by nature and winter was a nice place for me. I could get some sweats, a hoodie, and I was golden. Anymore, I’m cold all the time. This winter has been just awful. Going out to clear our driveway with the snowblower has been almost painful.

We did go cross country skiing a month ago, and that was fine, but I’ve just been cold, thus cranky about the cold.

So seeing that Nome was 47 degrees warmer than Clermont, oh that just makes me warm.

Wait, that’s it. I just have to stay angry all the time and I’ll be warm.

Plus, it would raise my metabolism, which would be another way to keep me warm AND I could lose a few pounds too. A win-win for sure!

Hey, I might be onto something!


Oh well, it was just a thought! 🙂