Oh, starting in on me already? Sweet.

I love the idea of “noticing notebooks”.

10 years ago, I watched Ted Talk by Angela Maiers where she talked about noticing notebooks. Every since, I’ve tried to keep one.


Yes, it is. I’ve got some really cool composition notebooks, some smaller ones, a couple of notebooks that are supposedly water-resistant.

All about noticing the things around me. The comments from students. The ideas bounced around in a meeting. The craziness of life.

The problem is, I can never find them, thus the title.

I love Barnes and Noble for a ton of reasons, but I really love them for the discount stuff. Those books and things people didn’t purchase that they are finally trying to just get out of the store? That’s where you’ll find me.

I found this really awesome one with an Irish knot on it, dark green, thick clean paper. It’s pretty sweet.

I have no idea where the #$$#)(* thing is at.

I’ve filled notebooks with ideas for writing (duh), for school, just ideas about life.

But, the one that is completely blank, I cannot find.

So, as you are in your hurry around the world, doing awesome, being awesome, keep your eye out for my notebook.

Because there’s some noticing that needs to be done.

And it would be a shame if that noticing wasn’t done. If that genius wasn’t recognized. If that idea wasn’t given a voice.

We all need it.