Today, I had plans.

Today, I had things to get done.

Today, I just couldn’t.


I’ve talked about focus or the lack thereof in my life. Yesterday was a wonderful day, full of family, fun, good food, and joy. Today just seemed gray. It’s not that anything bad happened. I talked to both my dad and my brother about our respective journeys home. No one hit bad weather, everyone got back safely, and we each talked about how we need to do that more often, just pick a restaurant and go.

I pre-ordered Iowa basketball tickets in hopes that the Iowa Women’s team will be a high enough seed in the NCAA Tournament that there will be games played in Iowa City. Knowing their last home game sold out, I didn’t want to be left out of another great run, so we have tickets.

We talked at length about the two trailers we are looking at, made a list of pros and cons, did more figuring, measured our various buildings (none of them could fit either trailer, damnit), and just talked about our lives and what we truly want. We’ll celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday and both of us have reached a point where we could see changes happening.

I got us register for a 5K in May in one of the state parks that’s close by. Heck, I even got in a run, 2.75 miles on the treadmill, but it was good sweat out some issues.

But focus in other parts of my life, nope. We’ll see what this week brings. We’ll make some lists, find my planning and a notebook, and try to make some sense of my current life.

Right now, the lack of focus isn’t much fun.

Right now, a shower, shave, comments, and bed. Reset and try again tomorrow.

Because that’s what we do.