We have two veggies gardens on our little piece of heaven. We typically have herbs (basil, oregano, cilantro, thyme, mint), beans (black and green), tomatoes (any number of varieties), peppers (same thing as tomatoes), squash (pumpkins, butternut, and acorn), watermelon, potatoes, spinach, eggplants, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage (red and green), and cucumbers.


Our pantry usually has any number of things we’ve canned, our freezer with frozen veggies, and it’s saved us literally thousands of dollars. It’s a labor of love, no doubt. I typically get things in late because I’m not a fan of teaching then coming home and working like a dog until dark. I’ll get seedlings planted and seeds ordered, but we usually are getting stuff in a little later than more. And it’s fine, but our harvest is usually a little later than most as well.


We have flower gardens as well with all sorts of perennials flowers popping up, so there’s always color around the place. My parents are moving to town (another blog post) and with their move means a literal life time of color, plants, and gardening will be left for someone else. We’ve been helping getting things around for them along with doing garden walks to see what plants we’d like to take with us. Parents have created flower gardens that would put professionals to shame. They are immaculate with a huge variety of plants which never seem to run into one another! And the vegetable gardens? Weeds? What weeds? True, being retired for 20+ years will do this to a person, but I remember our HUGE gardens (I come by this genetically) that were weed free. It was and is a feat of wonder!


So, when I go out to my ratty, weed filled garden, it’s with one sole purpose: rip out anything that does not belong there. My wife will come help with the veggies, but she’s pretty well taken on the flower garden. We tend do not weed the same way, and it gets on my nerves from time to time.


It’s true. When I weed, I want few, if any, survivors. Survivors mean seeds which mean another generation which is never a good thing. I will spend probably too much time on weeding, because I want the roots out. I want zero trace of the little parasite who was sucks the nutrients out of the soil so my basil wasn’t growning.


Ok, that’s a bit harsh, but I do like to thrown down a row of weeds that I’ve pulled out. That green manure is always helpful (along with a thick layer of grass clippings) in keeping other weeds down. Now, it’s not fool proof, but it’s very helpful as I won’t use chemicals in my gardens.

My wife, she’s a self-described “lawn mower”. She snaps off weeds, leaving the root structure relatively undisturbed so it can regrown leaves, flowers, and seeds! Her method goes much quicker, so she tends to be done before me. However, she’ll go back in a couple of weeks, and then again after that session. Ok, perhaps I exaggerate, but it is more than one pass through the garden for her.

Saying all this, does it make a hill of beans difference how it gets done? Nope. If we can keep the weeds down, I’ll poke fun at my wife and her weeds, but the job gets done. And right now, her flowers look amazing, my veggies are close to being ready, and we have enough compost to last us until I retire!โ™ฅ๏ธ

Fresh veggies with a side of heckling! How can you ask for more than that? ๐Ÿ˜‚