This is another blog that was in my drafts.

It had no text, just the title, which I found a bit odd, but ok.

So, moving on, where do we take this one?

Perhaps, it’s could be about moving on from a pandemic that is all around us, wanting it to be over when it is obviously not? I won’t name call, but watching a video stream of a local school district’s listening post about possible mask mandates makes me wonder about my state. Add this to the absolute lunacy going on in the Des Moines area dealing with masks and our state legislature’s passage and our governor’s signing a bill banning local school districts from creating mask mandates (the bill passage and signing was in the middle of the night) makes me want to move on in a bad way. Back in the day, Iowa had many more family farms and while farmers are conservative, they also have awesome critical thinking and decision making skill. Fewer farmers, fewer farmers kids, fewer people with those skills. Makes sense to me.


Maybe this could be about moving on from my childhood home? We spent the weekend helping my parents move a TON (ok, not that much, but a lot) of stuff from there place in the country to their place in town. They took possession of their new place on Friday and started moving that afternoon. We showed up Saturday morning with them all ready taking more things into town. Between us, my daughter and her boyfriend and my parents each driving a vehicle, we got 8 more loads in Saturday. We stayed in the night at their place, got up this morning, had a little breakfast, then brought in three more loads before gracefully bowing out to come home and take care of things here. My dad is so impressed with this place, and rightfully so. They did things right for so long that it’s time to enjoy it a little bit. They are 77 and never had a dishwasher or ceiling fans, so they are a bit giddy right now. We’ll see how this goes, but it’s a big moving on thing for me because “the ranch” as my father has started calling the acreage is the only home I know!

Those are my two big “moving on” moments for right now. This week is promising to be a bunch of moving on moments again. Hopefully, I can find a way to move on and know dwell because there’s enough to fight through without dealing with too much idiocy!