Yes, today is my birthday.

And yes, today I turn 50.


With age comes wisdom and that sense of “I really don’t care what you think,” attitude, so there’s that.

But how in the world did it come to this?

I remember (vaguely because I’m old) playing football in high school.

Meeting my wife and my best friends in college.


The amount of partying we did with our teacher friends in Missouri.

The birth of our daughter.

Moving home.

The birth of our second daughter.

And all the other stuff in between.

I seriously considered a personal day today. This year has sucked. I’m tired, over weight, and just not in a real good mindset right now.

However, there’s been more laughter in our hallway and more joy then I can remember.

And cowbell. And signs. And general jackassory. And I know it’s only 8:00 and there SO much more coming.

So, I’m 50 and I’m here.

Here’s to 50 more.


Here’s just a taste of the tomfoolery: