Note: This was posting to our classroom Kid Blog page, but I thought it good to post here too. Holds me accountable for what I need to do this week! 🙂

I was not successful with my Big Rocks from last week. I did not get outside as much as I wanted nor did I get all of my garden tilled up. I didn’t get four days of exercising in because I was just tired coming home.

My Big Rocks for this week:

1) Catch up with grading: I’m a little bit behind on my grades and the end of the year is coming. I need to catch up with assignments so I’m not scrambling to get things done.

2) Finish tilling up the garden: I ran out of time to do it on Saturday, so getting back into the garden to finish that up and maybe getting potatoes and basil planted too! 🙂

3) Write at least twice: I’m getting back into the habit of Tuesday/Friday writing, but I need to keep that focus because it’s easy to lose it.

What are your Big Rocks, those things that are the most important things for your week? I’d love to see them in the comment section!