I’m not sure what’s going on with my brain, but I’m not liking it.

I just cannot keep focus, period. My garden isn’t ready because I’m flying around, getting projects half done, then thinking, “Oh crap, what about *insert next project here*,” then racing off to start something else. I know it’s driving my wife crazy, but inside my own head, it’s just chaos. I’m not sure this is a side effect of all the Covid stuff we’ve been put through, but damn son, it’s not a good feeling.

So, why not share a bit of it with you??


Ha! First, I came into late. Why, because I needed to sent a couple of books out in the mail, so there’s the struggle to find the packaging, the freaking boxing tape (never in the same spot, my fault), address them, and get them to the truck (somedays, that’s an issue, just showing up with all the materials for class!).

I got here and cranked up some Dokken. For those of you who know who this group is, you are my people. If you arne’t a fan (or weren’t born when they took off in the late 1980’s, well, there’s not much I can but expose you to their best album, Back for the Attack, a classic hair band with screaming guitars and piercing lyrics. My students walked in my classroom like, “Who is this guy and where is my teacher,” a wonderful start to the day.

However, as with the title, there is a purpose for all this random nonsense. I’ve written about Dr. Z (Alan Zimmerman) before. He’s a motivational speaker who came to our district a few years ago, and who has a weekly email where he talks about a class he’s giving and something motivational for the masses.

Last week, I ended writing about the George Floyd verdict, so this and another blog got pushed back, but Dr. Z was spot on in what he wrote. His title was “10 quick fixes that kill off your stress and give you a victory”. Now, who couldn’t use a victory in times like there, right?


So, here are a few of his “quick fixes”:

Health: Eat right. Respect your body. Because that’s where you’re going to live the rest of your life, whether you like it or not.

This one was a big one for me, because, at almost 50, I eat like a teen aged boy. I’ve said this before, about round being a shape, but I know that it’s only a matter of time before crappy eating habits catch up with me. I’ve dialed back the Diet Coke, I’ve dialed back a couple other unhealthy habits, but seeing that makes me want to do more.

Motivation: To get to the top, get off your bottom.  Energy: Take time for rec before you’re a wreck.

This is a big deal right now. It also plays into health as well. Movement is a big deal, but I’m so. damn. tired. all. the. the. time. I tried to get home early today, and it was still 5:00 before I got out home. I talked with my wife, made a little supper, got some chores done, and am nodding off trying to finish this off! That energy they talk about just isn’t there.

Goals: Remember you are not your past. You are your potential.

I love this one, but fall into that trap of thinking about those things that have happened in the past. It’s hard to think about the future when you are looking back. If we think this way, not judging ourselves against our past transgressions, our potential shines through in what we are doing.

And finally,

Gratitude: Every day write down 5 more things you are grateful for.

I work with some freaking awesome people in our district. I am grateful they took a chance on me 23 years ago and to have so many teachers and friends in the building. I’m blessed to have an amazing wife to be me partner and friend. I’m grateful she took a chance on me 27 years ago and is willing to deal with my scattered brain. It’s things like this which help me get through the chaos in my mind.

So, to wrap this up, I need a damn win. So, I’m working on my gratitude, my goals, my motivation, my energy, and my health. Not that I’m planning on a cure for me, but I want to work and play in my best life. Can it be done? Hell yes. Can we do it alone? Probably not.

So, find your focus. Find your joy and be the joy for those around you. These are trying time and we need all the joy we can find!

And send a little bit of that calm to my brain. We could use it! 🙂