March Madness!

Hoops Spectacular!

Basketball Galaore!

Why can’t I get excited about this?? This is truly my time of the year, that time where basketball fans are constantly talking about other teams, sharing about other teams, and (of course) trashing other teams! Heck, the Iowa Hawkeyes are a #2 seed, their highest since 1987. This is a special team in a special year!

And at this point, those of you who don’t give two craps about basketball are like “what is he blathering on about??”.


It truly should be the most wonderful time of the year.

So why isn’t it?

I just filled out three of the most uninspired brackets that I can ever remember. Very little research. Very little caring about which underdogs I pick.

Part of it is pandemic stuff, which I won’t rehash anymore.

Part of it is school stuff. We have SO much change going on that I can feel my blood pressure rising. Yes, I’ll be in a relatively good spot, but it won’t be easy for anyone one of us. That’s not to say that we won’t be doing great things, but the cloud is definitely there.

Part of it is I just don’t have any male friends any more. The longer I’m here, the more I realize I am that square peg in a round hole. Again, not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s lonely and that’s been amplified through the pandemic.


Yes, I know and I feel like I’ve been on this negative path a lot lately, and I’m not sure how to get off.

So, tomorrow, we’ll slap on that happy face, hope that my students can hold it together as I suggest watching basketball, and see what games are on. Perhaps that will make a difference.

Either way, one pool entry went to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, so there’s my positive from all this muck. No, $10 is not a lot, but the pool as a whole raised over $3,000 plus some kind of business sponsor was kicking in some cash, so there’s that too.

Always end on a good note. I try to do that in my conferences, my basketball games, and my blogs.

End on a good note and hope for better tomorrow!