I am trying to be positive, I am.

I had my cranky girls in my homeroom do so some good work this morning. I was feeling going about my next hour class until I had a student tell me to shut up for me wanting his hood down (no, I won’t debate the hoodie thing, but this wasn’t my call).


So he spent the rest of his hour working in the office (actually did nothing which is on him). It was hard to go back into class, slap on the smile, and go forward, but I did.

My prep time, I checked on a notification from my daughter on Instagram and saw this:

Good News Dog is “Buddy the Good New Dog, fetching uplifting news from around the world!”


Yeah, yeah, I’m a sucker for this kind of crap, so let it go.

Anyway, I watched that, and suddenly, my little problem here is just that, a little problem.

The look of joy in the passenger as he’s riding in a freaking Lamborghini is priceless. But it’s the driver, who like many in the comments, got me. When he starts wiping away HIS tears, damn, I just about lost it.


I love stories like this, the positive, the sappy, the uplifting, because they are what drives me to do better for my students. Those times where I feel jaded, where I feel like that pessimism is creeping in, where the outlook on life just is not a good one, that’s when I go looking for Good News Dog or any of that positive stuff that out there.

No, it doesn’t change the world, but if it can change an attitude, MY attitude, then it can change others as well. I don’t expect everyone to buy into this kind of stuff. Some will call it fluff, others a waste of time, and I get that line of thinking. If I didn’t try to keep myself in a good place, I could very easily see myself in that boat as well.

I’ll keep looking for those positive nuggets on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I love that there are SO MANY amazing people who are out there, both finding and sharing this content, but creating this content as well! I look through my streams and there are many of those uplifters out there, those just passing out compliment, seeing if anyone needs anything, and when I see them, all is right with the world.

So, as you go forth this weekend, look for those little ways to lift someone up. Hold a door open, pick up that piece of trash, do the the dishes, go home and make pizza (where I’m heading right now). Make your world a little better and in turn, you make someone else’s a little better as well. Who knows, your little act of positivit

FYI: My bracket is broken completely open because Ohio State just lost! All that positive stuff I just said, trash it!

#notreally #itisjustagame


Just for fun (and it’s two hours since I thought I lost this post, an uber positive TikTok account I follow: