Last fall, my wife notice a lump on her neck. It didn’t hurt, but seemed to just jump up. Then, on the other side of her neck as well.


With my health scares and the history of cancer on her side of the family, we saw it as prudent to get things checked out. Her primary care physician recommended a trip to LaCrosse to see an endocrinologist for an ultrasound and a biopsy. So, last September, we took the drive to LaCrosse and did our thing.

The biopsy came back negative for cancer and the check up with the endocrinologist was just some verification of those findings.

Today, we took that trip again to LaCrosse for an ultrasound and meeting with endocrinologist again. The growth in my wife’s thyroid had increased, but by such a small amount that the doctor didn’t see any issues. She gave my wife’s neck a thorough examination, said, “We’ll see you in a year,” and we were off.


Well, I guess, that’s a good thing, but yet, when does it become “a thing”? We’ll meet again in June, and keep an eye on it because that’s what we do as teacher and parents, keep our eyes on things.

But, tonight, we can take a deep breath, relax, and live for another day.