I’ve have this gif of Lucy VanPelt (from Charle Brown) sitting with her crabby face, snow falling all around here, and the caption says, “This is bullsh*t”.


Well, that’s what I’m feeling right now! We are in the midst of a Winter Weather Advisory for high winds and somewhere between 3″ – 6″ of snow! What in the world?

However, in someone’s slice earlier during the challenge, I heard the phrase “Fake Spring”, which I would absolutely agree that’s where we are right now. Three weeks ago tomorrow, we had a two hours delay because of snow. Then, the weather turned, hard. Robins showed up. Red-winged black birds arrived. The geese were flying in formation ALL over the place (funny side note, we’ve had corn planted near us, and the see those formations land on ground is a site to see). The snow pack we had around us is completely gone as we had many days where the temperature did not go below freezing. It wasn’t a rapid melt, so there was very limited flooding, always a good thing!

Farmers have been out in the fields, breaking the soil for planting which will be coming soon, which reminds me I need to get seeds started here! But that’s another slice! 🙂


It was too good to be true. Two years ago, we had a snow day in April. Last year, we were in the 30s until the end of March, so we all know better, but it has been SO beautiful outside. The ground is no long like walking to rock, which means the frost has thawed in our top soil. We had rain a couple of days ago, so I’m assuming much of frost in the sub-soil is almost gone if not all gone too.

So, the plan right now, if we were to cancel school. we’ll do virtual learning (which I heard that this option might be taken from us, because the “face to face good, virtual bad” crowd are starting to stick their “I’ve not been in school SINCE I graduated from school, thus I’m an expert” noses into education, again. This, like the seeds, could be another slice.


Anyway, we’ll do a virtual day tomorrow, but it will be totally superintendents going on forecasts, because the bulk of the snow could come in the morning. The last time a storm came with predicted multiple inches of snow, they canceled the night before. At 10:20 PM CST, only a couple of schools have cancelled, which is problematic because now, it’s a 5:00 AM wake up call to see what needs to be prepped for the day.


But, we’ll see. I’ve got a plan for what things will look like tomorrow, so it’s just a matter of loading things up and away we go. If not, we’ll have a fun-filled delay and work with what we are given. Like we always do! 🙂

So, what’s the weather like at your place? Is it a snow day? Delay? Or is it just another day in the life of a teacher? Either way, it’s never boring.

But some days, boring is good, right? 🙂