Yesterday was our anniversary, Number 27, and we celebrated with a drive through dinner, and going to bed early. My wife got her second Covid shot, so was tired and her arm hurt, but didn’t seem to have any other effects.

Is until the middle of the night.


She had chills.

She had sweats.

She was too hot.

She was too cold.

She’s been miserable most of the day, sleeping a lot. However, as they day went on, she starting the road to recovery. Slowly, but surely, recover.

And she’s got the second shot, which is a step in the right direction for us. Plans are being made. Ideas are being hatched about what we can do. Bands we can see. Festivals we can go to. Just jumping into the truck or car and going at this point (a step outside my comfort zone because I’m a planner), is on the table. We’ve kept our circle small, our circle of travel small, and we are ready to open that circumference up, open it up a lot!

But, with the shots out there, the millions of vaccines that have been put into arms, and the millions of shots to come, the pandemic is not done. The virus is not done with us, not by a long shot.

Why do I say thing? Because as we are out and about, mask wearing, is not happening. I go to our local convenience store, and I’m the only one with a mask on. I go to the local fee place, less than half have one on. I got to the local grocery store, many people without a mask. Rural Iowa hasn’t bought into this pandemic. It doesn’t help that our governor and several state legislators have essentially said Iowans are through the rough part.

The near future scares me, just because of how people are acting. St. Patrick’s Day parties and parades and spring breaks and it goes on and on. And for what? Why give up when we are so close to being able to move forward? Move past this year of rough times, heartbreak, the lack of contact, and the not knowing.

However, while the near future gives me anxiety, moving forward, if we have everyone eligible by May 1st, then the idea of a 4th of July party sounds better and better.

Who doesn’t want their fireworks and medium done steaks?

Just keep trying, keep going, for a little while longer so we ALL can enjoy this, together.